MCA and Smartnet

HxGN SmartNet provides reliable GNSS correction services for accurate positioning and is primarily powered by network (real-time kinetic) RTK technology.

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How does GNSS work?

GNSS satellites broadcast signals, sending data to reference stations around the globe. This data is then streamed to HxGN SmartNet data centres and then processed. HxGN SmartNet sends network RTK corrections back to GNSS devices over mobile internet.

HxGN SmartNet is the world’s largest Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) correction service, providing data from over 5,300 reference stations worldwide. Reliable coverage empowers you to seamlessly integrate accurate positioning data into your workflow.

Positioning accuracy for efficiency

HxGN SmartNet’s reliable and available RTK corrections enable guidance and control of your earthmoving equipment for precise digging, grading and paving. With SmartNet, the work of machine operators is more efficient and manageable, reducing operator requirements and increasing billing accuracy.

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  • Auto-update of software on all Makin units

  • No extra gear or servers needed

  • Projects update visible to all connections in real time

Smartnet Basestations in Australia

Click here (or the above image) for a live status map.

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