MCA Training Programs

The team at Machine Control Australia will deliver valuable training options across GCS900, Earthworks, Topcon, Hemisphere Grade Metrix, Sitemetrix and Makin 3D.

  • Training for basic, intermediate or expert operators.

  • Survey data prep & fitter training across all brands.

  • Training for the whole team including Site Foreman.

  • Training for hardware and software processes.

  • Operator Training
    • How GNSS/RTK Works
    • Changing Buckets
    • Vertical Offsets
    • Horizontal Offsets
    • Changing Models
    • Different Views
    • Verifying Accuracy
  • Grader / UTS Operator Training
    • Calibrating Sensors
    • Verifying Accuracy
    • UTS Setup
    • Benching
    • Ground Conformance Verification
    • Loading Projects
    • Good Practice
    • Offsets
    • Difference Views
    • Bladewear
  • Site Foreman Training
    • How RTK Works
    • Network/UHF Pros & Cons
    • Verification Points
    • Different File Types
    • Loading Projects
    • Verification of Accuracy
    • Mountpoint Configuration
    • Lidar X3 Training
    • Different Ways of Asbuilt Collection
    • Rover Best Practices
  • Fitter Training
    • How RTK Works
    • NTRIP Configuration
    • Setting UHF Frequency
    • Loading Projects
    • Verifying 2D/3D Accuracy
    • Measuring Buckets
    • Basic Sensor Calibrations
    • Common Faults


MCA Quick Guides

COMING SOON – Our range of quick guides will make it easier for your team to access the info they need to resolve issues themselves.

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