Makin’ Construction Simple and Connected

Makin’ Cloud is your web-based operation center from which you control project data for your fleet – including rental machines.

As-built data automatically flows into the project data pool and can be effortlessly filtered and exported.

Everybody is on the same page on a project, all models are up-to-date on all Makin’ units on a project.

Fewer mistakes, less reworks – saves time and costs.

See the Makin’ Cloud Tutorial & Overview from MCA’s Tristan below.

  • Auto-update of software on all Makin’ units

  • No extra gear or servers needed

  • Projects update visible to all connections in real time

Makin’ Cloud is mobile and accessible, available on any device with a web browser.

Forget USB sticks, Makin’ Cloud connects your team seamlessly. Upload the latest changes and all operators will get instant updates.

Thanks to Makin’ Cloud sub-contractors can step onto site and access the project data. Different roles allow for different level of access.

Simple integration with dig screens and remote or office devices. Make layers visible and toggle the horizontal and vertical deviations.

Match your machine’s reference tips with benchmarks across the worksite.

Your machine will be quickly & easily equipped with the necessary files, it will be accurately aligned with the project and ready to commence work.

See the Makin’ Cloud Tutorial & Overview from MCA’s Tristan below.

Makin’ Survey is ideal for the daily surveying tasks. At times you need to stakeout some points or lines. Other times you need to modify or extend design data or document work done. Download the Makin’ Survey brochure (PDF, 526KB)

Makin’ PerFormans provides an easy-to-use quality assurance tool with full integration and connectivity to the workflow in the project.

Makin’ Surfaces increases project productivity and reduces the operator’s workload through effortless, continuous documentation of all excavation progress.

A deep insight into the needs of the construction business – cooked into a powerful easy-to-use software and garnished with best-in-class hardware – that’s the recipe of this full-flavoured system.

  • Makin’ Cloud

  • Makin’ Survey

  • Makin’ PerFormans

  • Makin’ Surfaces

  • Makin’ Excavator 2D/3D

MCA and Makin’ Cloud

Connects operators, surveyors, and project managers, replacing USB sticks with instant online access.

Users can easily upload job files to multiple machines within their sub-organisation.

Visit the Makin’ 3D website for more information.

Sub-Organisations ensure privacy and relevance. Users access only their sub-organisation’s content, which can house unlimited projects for free. Machines can be “rented” across sub-organisations, instantly accessing all relevant projects.

Download the Makin’ 3D Quick Guide from MCA (PDF 219KB)

Makin’ Cloud Overview & Tutorial by MCA

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