MCA and Mondo Pin

Mondo Pin offers users web-based account management, pay-by-the-month subscriptions, instant adding and dropping of connections plus the option to pause or cancel anytime.

Mondo Pin gives you instant access to RTK positioning services using a network of permanent, continuously operating reference stations.

Mondo Pin software is developed, implemented and maintained via experts in Australia in partnership with a renowned, publicly listed, multi-national corporation.

Mondo Pin is an innovative solution developed by an Australian surveying company with over two decades’ of experience.

Exclusive Direct Access

Machine Control Australia’s clients can register directly with Mondo Pin for GNSS corrections via the below button.

The team at MCA will offer full support and service, including assistance with your Mondo Pin subscriptions.

“Precise positioning is already delivering economic benefits and improved community safety across all industries. Open, accessible and accurate data is vital for the next wave of innovation.” – Geoscience Australia

MCA are your local Mondo Pin partners

MCA has a strong partnership with Mondo Pin and can outline the advantages of using their innovative service for your fleet.

Contact MCA today to ask your questions about Mondo Pin, book a demo, or get help and support.